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Map of North Texas

If your going somewhere for vacation this summer, don't forget to put a map of north Texas on your list, where like the oil that generates the states largest revenue, fun never stops flowing. There are maps for every conceivable purpose and activity, many of them created by state agencies and available for free to vagabond tourists. Located southeast of the panhandle, north of central Texas, and extending to the eastern border, north Texas and it's panhandle cousin to the west spawn the north winds responsible for helping create Tornado alley. But don't worry about tornados interrupting your summer plans - there are only a 6 to 9 such spring storms on the state map per year. But if your idea of having fun is being a storm chaser, go right ahead. For others, there are just too many other forms of relaxation and entertainment!

No one will get lost hiking through the Texas woods with a map. While most of rather arid Texas receives a sparse amount of rainfall, the non-dessert regions to the north have seasons when they are fairly wet. The water is sufficient for abundant vegetation and forms of wildlife, such as deer, newts, salamanders, and the Texas Giant Centipede, a fierce nocturnal predator insect that injects it's prey with a poison that is fortunately not generally serious to humans.

In a land of general rock, heat, and parch, one has to wonder about outdoor sports like fishing and boating. Topography maps show that the north has an abundance of lakes and many state camping sites for recreation. Many of these are located around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The family can take their boat to any of the hundreds of crystal-blue clear water lakes in North Texas and enjoy an outing of swimming, fun, and a chance to catch the big one. Campgrounds are maintained by the state and offer additional activities for weekend leisure.

People don't often think about it, but maps show Texas has a coastline of 367 miles. This provides plenty marinas and an opportunity for saltwater sailing between the north border with Louisiana, to the southern tip at Corpus Christi. There's fishing and crab catching galore, and don't forget Galveston, with it's famous beach. This popular tourist city was made famous by the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 that killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people, and popularized with Glen Campbell's song "Galveston," written by acclaimed musician, lyricist, composer and performer, Jimmy Webb around 1969.
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